3 Years without Emmanouel Svourakis



You may unite the world, the countries and the different communities of people!

Emmanuel Svourakis (the elder) utilized his extroversion to succeed, innovate and unite the world. He left us three years ago (05/09/2020), leaving us with a great legacy. His vision remained alive, and his passion for life and creation is still encompassing the company’s employees.

In 1962, already at an early age but with the passion of a businessman, he began his journey arriving in Canada to seek something better for himself and his family, at a time when many Greeks had no other choice but to migrate. There, without any money, clothing or housing, he started working for a contractor. Working day and night, he managed to pay off his expenses, then study, and send part of his first salary to Chania, specifically to a church of his area that was then under construction. Soon he took his own business step, buying a restaurant and a car workshop (paint shop and body shop).

Despite all the opportunities and possibilities he had in Canada, his high sense of patriotism did not let him forget his country and its people. All the savings he made in Canada were invested in real estate in Chania, Crete, until he returned permanently in 1976, looking for the best way to utilize the knowledge and experience he had already gained.
After researching the local market of Crete, he discovered a gap in the industrial market, in particular in Oxygen Production. Thus, after thorough research, in 1977 he founded MOBIAK (Industrial-Medical Gas Plant of Crete) which initially only produced acetylene and industrial medical oxygen.

That was the beginning of the current MOBIAK Group of Companies. An idea that came to life in difficult years for the entrepreneurs of Greece. A dream that was housed in Kathiana of Akrotiri, Chania, where it is located until today, on a plot of originally 4,500 sq.m.
Now, after extensions over the years, the central premises have reached 32,000 square meters, the Group counts over 200 employees in total and exports to over 110 countries around the world.
At his death, Emmanuel Svourakis, left his place and Greece with a great legacy that should not be characterized only by financial data, exports and awards. His passion, kindness, hard work, and fairness are still some of the characterizations attributed to him as well as the main values he left to the company and his family.

The employees of MOBIAK, remaining faithful to these values, maintain his vision to lead the company to the ends of the earth, to every continent and every country of this world. Let the name of Greece and his place be heard, everywhere!