MOBIAK S.A was founded in 1997 and constitutes one of the largest companies in Greece and one of the faster-developing companies in Balkans and Europe as regards the construction and the trading of medical equipment.

For more than 40 years, the activities of MOBIAK focused on the development of 3 main fields:

a) Medical equipment – Home care b) the gases c) firefighting equipment

More specifically, the sectors in which MOBIAK operates are the following:

  • MOBIAK CARE: Assembly, Import and trading of medical equipment and Home care products, repair of medical devices and establishment of sleep lab systems.
  • MOBIAK GAS: Production and bottling of medical industrial gases such as Oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, corgon , IG541, IG 55, compressed air, Banarg etc.
  • MOBIAK Firefighting equipment: Assembling and trading of fire extinguishers, Assembling-Bottling trading and installation of extinguishing systems, trade in all kinds of firefighting equipment as well as the maintenance and service of fire extinguishers.


As regards the field of medical equipment, the company started in 1997 with the production of medical oxygen, covering not only the needs of hospitals but also the needs of oxygen therapy at home. The production of medical oxygen has set strong fundamentals in the company for the development of commercial and technical department with the latest technology breathing devices for oxygen therapy, sleep apnea.

The following years the catalog has been enriched with a larger range of items Home/ healthcare appropriate for a wide range of applications, such as orthopedic items, medical equipment, diagnostic and treatment devices, applications specific to spine aids/ holders for upper/lower edges and head, medical supplies and hospital equipment.

The basic range of medical products consists of:

  • Oxygen therapy bottles and devices
  • Nebulization devices
  • Wheelchairs
  • Breathing support appliances
  • Nursing beds
  • Hospital equipment
  • Doctor’s office equipment
  • Anti-decubitus products
  • Orthopedic items
  • Daily care aids
  • Physiotherapy products

This rich experience has been used for the organization of a new department Research and Development as regards the research of new products and special needs of air collaborators.

The advantage of our facilities? Storage space in Athens (5000 m2), Thessaloniki (4000m2) and Crete (Chania 2000m2 and Herakleion 2000m2) with 3 fully equipped Service Points and technicians ready to serve our partners to the constantly evolving demands.

The three Service-Points that cover the whole Greece, Balkans and European representatives are certified by E.K.A.P.T.Y (National evaluation center of quality and technology in health) and by accredited European constitutions in Greece, we have created more than 20 sleeping labs in Greece and abroad and so we are capable of validating the credibility and our experience in the field.

All the above, as well as the quality of products and services, the quick deliveries , the technical support and the competitive prices established MOBIAK one of the most recognizable trademarks.

MOBIAK managed to have not only an active network of partners in Greece which exceed the 800 wholesalers but also to export on global scale with an international sales network in over 70 countries

As regards the Firefighting Field, MOBIAK implemented a large investment program of 5.000.000 in the main facilities in Chania, which has completed in 2006 and included the installation of a complete robotic fire extinguishing assembly line and the construction of a new building 2.500m2 in order to house the offices and the extension of raw material storage space and ready for use products. (800m2)

The potential of the new firefighting production line exceeds 200 pieces /hour.    The high sensitivity of the sun detects potential leakage of propellant gas for each produced or rechecked fire extinguisher. Now MOBIAK trades and produces over 1000 different products.

The Gas Department is collaborating with some of the biggest companies worldwide. MOBIAK supplied the raw materials in liquid form (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon), stored them in cryogenic tanks and bottled in high pressure bottles. Provides the possibility of supplying liquid oxygen with special tank trucks in all public hospitals and private clinics.

A significant investment of 1.000.000 was also made in 2006 in the sector of Gases. A modern bottling line was installed and the old buildings were completely renovated. (1000m2)

The principles of the company: quality, variety, competitive prices and quick delivery contributed most to the impetuous progress and the successful ride continues with the expansion of activities.


In 2018 MOBIAK acquired a new plot of land 25.000m2 expanding the factory. A building 2000m2 is being built with function as a  new distribution center- extra storage house of products. Even on the same land will be created a training center of events- conference room. Additional new building facilities will be built to house additional robotic fire extinguisher assembly line and even automatic packaging of products and palletizing orders. There is also the possibility of customized packaging/ palleting in proportion to the quantities. Finally, the investment will cost 7.000.000.

With a human staff of more than 140 individuals and with latest technology devices, MOBIAK is able and guarantees high-quality products and services while being certified by internationally recognized brands :

According to the standard ISO9001: 2015  by the operator ABS quality evaluations for quality management, with ISO13485 : 2012 by E.K.A.P.T.Y for quality management for medical devices, with ISO14001: 2015  by TUV  Rheinland as regards environmental management and OHSAS 18001 : 2008 by EBETAM for the health and safety at work.

Aside from the above standards, the company complies with the ministerial decision requirements ΔΥ8δ/Γ.Ποικ/1348/2004 for trading medical equipment while it also has approval for the periodic recheck of bottles in accordance with the provisions of the 2010/35/EU & 2008/68/EC  and the regulation ADR as it stands. The activities of the company for bottling medical oxygen licensed by the national organization of medicine.


The company’s commitment to the original vision for total quality of products and services, led the medical department to a rampant development in Greece and one of the fastest-growing European companies in the sector.

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