Anouncement 07/13/2018

MOBIAK S.A. is a leading firefighting equipment manufacturer with a strong export activity to more than 70 countries, with a strong brand name and know-how. MOBIAK has linked for more than 40 years its brand name with the concepts of Value in Safety and Invest in Quality and proves it practically in every business step.

The year 2018 is a landmark year for MOBIAK SA, as two vast and strategically important investments have been implemented.

MOBIAK SA has purchased 26 acres of land in Kathiana Akrotiri, Chania, Crete, expanding its headquarters facilities to build new premises that will accommodate an additional state of the art robotic production line of firefighting equipment and a new line of automatic product orders packaging and palletizing. Moreover, customized packaging / palletizing will be available depending on the order quantities. A new distribution center and warehouse of products storage will be added to these new 3.000m2 building facilities. Additionally, modern new training facilities will be constructed, as well as a events/conference hall. This investment with an estimated cost of 7 million € (plus the cost of land purchase) will be financed by own funds.

The above mentioned strategic investments come a few months after the acquisition of an important share hold portion (33%) of China’s largest firefighting equipment manufacturing group.

This investment brings MOBIAK one step closer to the elite of the world leaders, which was the dream of the founder and visionary of the company.