Headquarters - Chania Crete

Chania Crete

  • Central Facilities in Chania, Crete (Kathiana, Akrotiri, 32.000m²)
  • Gas Production and Bottling Plant. The Cryogenic Tanks (3 Oxygen, 1 Nitrogen, 1 Argon, 2 Carbon Dioxide)

Retail store - Chania

The retail store at M. Botsari Street is housed in a privately-owned building (PYROMEDICAL). Its purpose is to promote the products of MOBIAK in Chania.

PYROMEDICAL implements an ISO 9000 quality system and is also certified by EACAP for the marketing of Medical Equipment and Home Care.

Heraklion Crete

Distribution Center of Central & Eastern Crete (Industrial Area of Heraklion, Crete)

Aspropyrgos Attica

Distribution Center of Central, Southern and Greek Islands (Aspropyrgos, Sxineza Place, Attica 7.000m²)

Kalochori Thessaloniki

Distribution Center of Northern Greece and the Balkans (Arkadiou 8, Kalochori, Thessaloniki 5.000m²)

North Macedonia

Annex of MOBIAK n the Balkans


MOBIAK facilities in China