GDPR – Compliance Notice

In view of the implementation of the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we would like to assure you that MOBIAK is committed to a preparation plan that will ensure compliance with the Regulation as of May 25, 2018, takes effect.

GDPR is the most important data protection regulation in the EU data protection policy.


For many years now, MOBIAK has shown great dedication and sensitivity to the management and protection of personal data and will continue to do so by:

  • Obtain additional technical security measures.
  • Continuous reform of the Data Protection Policy which you can find on our site,
  • Continuous education and awareness of its employees in the management and protection of personal data.
  • Support individuals who want to exercise their legitimate rights in relation to their personal data.
  • Ensure that all partners and suppliers of MOBIAK are also sensitized and are constantly working to comply with the New Regulation.


We know that transparency and accountability are the basis for a trustworthy collaboration with our customers, and privacy is just as central to us and our employees as the legitimate and sensitive handling of your personal data.

For information or questions about the protection of Personal Data or the exercise of legal rights in relation to Personal Data at MOBIAK, please contact gdpr [at]