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With the foundation of MOBIAKCARE – the department of medical at ΜΟΒΙΑΚ- technological products technical support was also launched its service.

Our certified technicians have perfect training and technical knowledge for any technical need of yours.

The technical support department services are not only confined in support but also offer to our clients’ free technical training seminars.
Our years of experience in the field of technical support and service of medical- technological products, makes MOBIAKCARE unique and secures our clients that every technical problem will be dealt with the best correspondence and professionalism

Devices for Service

The expertise it has gained the technical department of MoviakCare, not just limited to models we sell & represent officially, but expanded with certifications from other eponymous manufacturing firms
You can send your request for service or for an equipment simple by using the below forms

Technical Advice For Oxygen Condensers

Users’ responsibility

  • Every 1-2 days replacement of humidifier’s de-ionised water.
  • (Mandatory) Every 3-4 days of use cabinet filter should be washed.
  • (Mandatory) Every 7-10 days of use nasal cannulas should be replaced.
  • (Mandatory) Monthly replacement of humidifier and oxygen pipe.
  • ((Mandatory) The user should have additional expendables for emergency cases or unpredictable product impairment.

Retail stores for renting oxygen appliances responsibility

  • A maintenance record card with a serial number of every device should be kept. The distribution and working hours should be monitored.
  • After a change of user (patient) replace the antibacterial filter and clean the outer surface with a wet cloth (and all the Expendables: pipe, humidifier, water trap, nasal cannulas, as the outer filter should be cleaned thoroughly).
  • Ensure that filters with lot number are bought.
  • ΑFollow the maintenance instructions written in the operating manual or service manual.
  • Inform users for their responsibilities written in the above paragraph.
  • Visit us for a free maintenance training of your device.


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