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With the foundation of MOBIAKCARE – the department of medical at ΜΟΒΙΑΚ- technological products technical support was also launched its service.

Our certified technicians have perfect training and technical knowledge for any technical need of yours.

The technical support department services are not only confined in support but also offer to our clients’ free technical training seminars.
Our years of experience in the field of technical support and service of medical- technological products, makes MOBIAKCARE unique and secures our clients that every technical problem will be dealt with the best correspondence and professionalism.


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Technical Advice For Oxygen Condensers

Users’ responsibility

  • Every 1-2 days replacement of humidifier’s de-ionised water.
  • (Mandatory) Every 3-4 days of use cabinet filter should be washed.
  • (Mandatory) Every 7-10 days of use nasal cannulas should be replaced.
  • (Mandatory) Monthly replacement of humidifier and oxygen pipe.
  • ((Mandatory) The user should have additional expendables for emergency cases or unpredictable product impairment.

Retail stores for renting oxygen appliances responsibility

  • A maintenance record card with a serial number of every device should be kept. The distribution and working hours should be monitored.
  • After a change of user (patient) replace the antibacterial filter and clean the outer surface with a wet cloth (and all the Expendables: pipe, humidifier, water trap, nasal cannulas, as the outer filter should be cleaned thoroughly).
  • Ensure that filters with lot number are bought.
  • ΑFollow the maintenance instructions written in the operating manual or service manual.
  • Inform users for their responsibilities written in the above paragraph.
  • Visit us for a free maintenance training of your device.


The technical knowledge of the technical support department of over 20 years experience has set the technical standards for the assembly of the most reliable condenser in the market. Therefore under a Greek signature, we provide in the market an Oxygen condenser with great advantages for the client. The construction quality, the low cost of expendables, the low price combined with the economical service to ensure long-term incomes for your business.

MOBIAKCARE IRENE – Golden Series has conquered a great portion of the market as its reliability is already obvious, as it is traded for 3 years with great reliability. A quick illustration of its main characteristics follows:

Technical data

  • 1 to 5 liters flow
  • Air compressor cooler
  • Advanced SKF ball bearing compressor
  • Consumption 350 Watt
  • Oxygen density 93% ± 3%
  • Weight 20.7 kg
  • Dimensions L 390mmxW 337mmx H 620mm (10cm taller than Airsep VisionAire)
  • Standards: CE; ISO13485
  • European made Electronic spare parts;
  • Noise level 37dB


  • Big digital display screen with total operating time indication, current time since the last operation and auto turn on/off programme up to 5 hours.
  • Smart auto diagnoses circuit with sound signaling and light indication with problem detection in the digital display screen.
  • Large dimensions compressor with 30% more rotating than competitive devices, together with the excellent ball bearing quality with global reputation SKF.
  • A smart circuit of consumption control that allows up to 20% economy.

As defined by the technical manual every 3000 hours the input filter should be replaced. The product’s code is 0808542. This filter is situated behind the machine (behind the black cover that holds the cabinet’s filter) and is necessary to be replaced in the defined period of time.

The black cabinet filter with the code 0808254 can be washed frequently by the user every 3-4 days with plenty of water.

Note that the whole maintenance of the Irene does not require any tool or special technological knowledge

A quick guide of the maintenance programme is illustrated below:

  •  (Mandatory) Every 3000 hours the input filter should be replaced 0808254.
  • (Mandatory) Every 5000 hours or from patient to patient the antiantibacterial ter with code 0807319.
  • (Mandatory) Every 2 years the 9 Volt battery with code 0142124.should be replaced
  • (Mandatory) Every 2 years the cabinet filter (black sponge) with code 0808254 should be replaced.


Useful advice for the users

The use of the CPAP device is an important treatment for the obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome. Learn how to avoid the most common problems during the use of CPAP device.

The continuous positive pressure of the airways is usually the common way of dealing with the syndrome of obstructive sleep apnoea. It consists of a small machine that supplies continuous and stable air pressure through a pipe and a mask that the patient wears in the face. The most common problem of the use of CPAP is the air leakage from the mask, problems during sleep, mouth, pharynx or nose dryness and irritations

Below the most common problems with the use of the CPAP and their solutions are described:

Mouth dryness/hyposalivation

If you breathe through the mouth during sleep, some CPAP devices may deteriorate the mouth dryness due to the air that inserts with pressure. A full face mask that covers both mouth and nose may also act positively. Also, the use of a heated humidifier connected to the CPAP device can help as it humidifies the under pressure input air.

Difficulty in sleep

This is a natural, temporal problem. Wearing the mask in operation for a few minutes during the daytime may help you get used to it. Use this trick described in point 3, that is the steady increase in air pressure until you fall into sleep. Follow the good sleep health rules, avoid caffeine and alcohol before sleep and generally try to stabilize your sleep conditions.

Problems of getting used to the CPAP device mask

Wearing only the mask for a few minutes during daytime for a short period of time may help, for example when watching TV. Then try to wear the mask connected to the pipe and the CPAP device during the daytime, while you are awake. When you get used to the feeling of wearing it, then you can wear it as you sleep at night or noon.

Nebulizer - Treatment

The nebulizer is a doctor prescribed device that makes the administration of inhalation medication easier. It contains a mouth piece and a face mask.

During the use of the mask the synchronization of the breathing with the activation of the device of the inhalation medication is not required.

Basic factor in the choice of the nebulizer is the time of the inhalation (a good device nebulise 2.5ml of medication in less than 6 minutes) as well as the inhalable quantity of the medicine (the more the medicine quantity the less the droplets diameter, the more the volume of the medication that finally reaches the bronchus ). The correct use of the nebulizers is important for the treatment of diseases like asthma.

If the patient has not comprehended the correct use directions, the medicine is not satisfactorily placed in the lungs, the organ in which it should act, with the result of no symptoms remission.

Furthermore, if the nebulizer is not used correctly, a great portion of the medicine remains in the mouth cavity. So the patient is prone to undesirable effects of the medicine, while asthma is not appropriately cured.

Correct practices of nebulizers use

  • After every use wash the cup with plenty of water and let it dry.
  • Follow treatment in a sitting position never laid down.
  • Replace the nebulizer cup every 150 to 200 uses.
  • Always keep the expendables (pipe, cup, mask and other expendables) clean and in a closed space.
  • f you insist smoking, never smoke during the treatment, the bronchus remains open with unpleasant results.