Nebulizer – Treatment

The nebulizer is a doctor prescribed device that makes the administration of inhalation medication easier. It contains a mouth piece and a face mask.

During the use of the mask the synchronization of the breathing with the activation of the device of the inhalation medication is not required.

Basic factor in the choice of the nebulizer is the time of the inhalation (a good device nebulise 2.5ml of medication in less than 6 minutes) as well as the inhalable quantity of the medicine (the more the medicine quantity the less the droplets diameter, the more the volume of the medication that finally reaches the bronchus ). The correct use of the nebulizers is important for the treatment of diseases like asthma.

If the patient has not comprehended the correct use directions, the medicine is not satisfactorily placed in the lungs, the organ in which it should act, with the result of no symptoms remission.

Furthermore, if the nebulizer is not used correctly, a great portion of the medicine remains in the mouth cavity. So the patient is prone to undesirable effects of the medicine, while asthma is not appropriately cured.

Correct practices of nebulizers use

  • After every use wash the cup with plenty of water and let it dry.
  • Follow treatment in a sitting position never laid down.
  • Replace the nebulizer cup every 150 to 200 uses.
  • Always keep the expendables (pipe, cup, mask and other expendables) clean and in a closed space.
  • f you insist smoking, never smoke during the treatment, the bronchus remains open with unpleasant results.