Technical Advice For Oxygen Condensers

Users’ responsibility

  • Every 1-2 days replacement of humidifier’s de-ionised water.
  • (Mandatory) Every 3-4 days of use cabinet filter should be washed.
  • (Mandatory) Every 7-10 days of use nasal cannulas should be replaced.
  • (Mandatory) Monthly replacement of humidifier and oxygen pipe.
  • ((Mandatory) The user should have additional expendables for emergency cases or unpredictable product impairment.

Retail stores for renting oxygen appliances responsibility

  • A maintenance record card with a serial number of every device should be kept. The distribution and working hours should be monitored.
  • After a change of user (patient) replace the antibacterial filter and clean the outer surface with a wet cloth (and all the Expendables: pipe, humidifier, water trap, nasal cannulas, as the outer filter should be cleaned thoroughly).
  • Ensure that filters with lot number are bought.
  • ΑFollow the maintenance instructions written in the operating manual or service manual.
  • Inform users for their responsibilities written in the above paragraph.
  • Visit us for a free maintenance training of your device.