Adaptor & Tube for Connection of MEDIWET Humidifier with MediVital


Table of Autonomy of Medical Oxygen Cylinders in relation to Oxygen Flow
(Estimation when Filled).

Oxygen Flow

Cylinder 1(lt/min) 2(lt/min) 3(lt/min) 4(lt/min) 5(lt/min) 6(lt/min) 7(lt/min) 9(lt/min)
2Lt 6.67h 3.33h 2.22h 1.67h 1.33h 1.11h 0.95h 0.74h
3Lt 10h 5h 3.33h 2.5h 2h 1.67h 1.43h 1.11h
5Lt 18.33h 9.17h 6.11h 4.58h 3.67h 3.06h 2.62h 2.04h
10Lt 36.66h 18.34h 12.22h 9.16h 7.34h 6.12h 5.24h 4.08h
16Lt 56.67h 28.33h 18.89h 14.17h 11. 33h 9.44h 8.1h 6.3h
50Lt 178.33h 89.17h 59.44h 44.58h 35.67h 29.72h 25.48h 19.81h

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