AED 7000 Portable Defibrillator

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Product Code: 0805439

  • Mobiak Care 5 Years warranty


AED 7000 is a Portable Defibrillator, which is Safe, Lightweight and Easy to Use. AED 7000 Recognises Atrial Fibrillation and Ventricular Tachycardia Cases and Guides the Operator during the Procedure of Defibrillation. When Connected to a Patient Without Consciousness, Respiration and Pulse, it Analyses the Heart Rate and Provides Visual and Auditory Suggestions. If the Need to Defibrillate is Determined, then it Prompts the Operator to Press the Right Button.


Package Contents

• Replacement Defibrillator Paddles (Adult), Ref:: 0805441

• Defibrillator Battery, Ref:: 0805443

• Carrying Bag, Ref:: 0805444


Operation Characteristics

• 3-stage Defibrillation

• Protective Lock against Accidental Defibrillation

• Available in English


Technical Specifications

Output Waveform

Biphasic Truncated Exponential

Output Energy Sequence


Resistance Range

20Ω – 200Ω

Charging Time

8 sec. – 150J / 10 sec. – 200J –

(New Battery)

Analysis Time

9 sec.
Time from Analysis until Ready State From start-up Less than 30 sec.

After 6 discharges Less than 35 sec.

Auditory Suggestions

22 Auditory messages (English Language)

Visual Suggestions



Two buttons – On/Off, Shock

Max Output Voltage

1200 ±50 V

Output Energy Accuracy

±15% in each resistance from 25 to 175Ω

Device Warranty:

5 years

Battery Warranty

4 years


Accessories / Options on Request:

• Case Review with the Use of a PC

• Paediatric Defibrillator Paddles, Ref:: 0805442