Compressor, Analogue (4 Ports)


The Air Compression Therapy System provides a High-Quality Lymphatic Decongestion. It also Helps Blood and Lymph Circulation, Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Provides Swelling Relief. It Crucial Contributes to Blood and Lymph Circulation in Arms and Legs by Enhancing Muscle Tissue Pressure to Remove Swelling or Pain. It is Used for Prevention and Treatment of Various Conditions Related to Arterial Blood Circulation. It is Used by persons who suffer from Diabetes or Post-Thrombotic Syndrome.



Prescription-Only – Administered by Qualitied Technicians or Nursing Staff.


Therapeutic Indications

• Recovery after Injury or Training

• Chronic Swelling Caused by Venous Dysfunction

• Lymphatic Swelling

• Venous Sclerosis

• Rheumatism Swelling

• For Prevention of Thrombosis



• Revitalizes & Oxygenates tissues, Promotes Weight Loss and Muscle tightening

• Recommended for Fighting Cellulite

• Relieves Pain and Treats Swelling

• Revitalizes and Tightens the Skin


• Adjustable Pressure (Pressure range: 30 – 240 mmΗg)

•Selection of Compression Therapy Duration

• Purchase of Suitable Pad (Ref: 0806213, Ref: 0806214, Ref: 0806225)

• One or two Pads can be Connected to the same Compressor (if it is suggested by the Doctor)

• To Connect to the Compressor two Pads, it is Necessary to Buy Ref:: 0806221

• 2-year Warranty

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