“Ergo – Lite” Anti-Decubitus Cushion with Air Cells

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Usability: Supplied in Color Box

  • Mobiak Care 2 Years warranty
  • Mobiak Care Maximum User Weight 110 kg
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Pressure Sore Cushions Provide:

• Effective Pressure Displacement

• Skin & Tissue Protection

• Relief & Comfort


Deluxe Cushion Provides maximum Protection to the Skin and Soft tissue and the stability required for Patients with intense activity, minimizing the side and back-forth Motion.

• Pelvis area is accommodated in the rear part of the Wheelchair thanks to its Anatomic Design

• Material: PVC

• Stretch Cover included (6-month Warranty)

• Repair Kit

• Manual Air Pump(6-month Warranty)

• Dimensions (LxWxH): 46 x 40 x 6/10cm

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