Fracture ROM Air Walker Boot, Short, Grey

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• Features Cells that Inflate with Air for Further Support when Swelling subsides

• Features an Immobilisation mechanism and Articulated Range of Motion

• Reduced Pressure on the Sole & Heel

• Shock-absorbing

• Simple to Wear / Featuring Adhesive Banding

• Made of Stable and Rigid Plastic Material, and a Soft Lining which Covers internally the entire Surface of the Ankle Brace

• Lightweight with “ROCKER” Anatomic Design for easier walking

• Post-operative indications for: Ankle Sprains, Achilles Tendonitis, Heel/Foot Fractures, Injuries & Wounds in Ligaments and Tendons

• Available in Various Sizes

• Height: 33cm


0807451 X-Small /Shoe size: – 35

0807455 X-Large 46,5+ / Shoe size: 46,5 +



Mobiak Care

Box Pieces: 6

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