Gem Nebulizer

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• The Device has been Designed for Easy use, Transport and it’s Recommended for Nebulization of Antibiotics and Bronchodilators

• Fast Nebulization, Saving up to 50% Time thanks to the High-flow Nebulization Chamber

(Ref:: 0148006)

• Includes a High-flow Mask for Adults & Children, an Accessory for Nose Use, a Highflow Nebulization Chamber and a Spare Filter


Technical Specifications

Max Pressure

2,5 bar

Operating pressure

1,1 bar

Max Flow

14Lt /min

Operating Air Flow

4,8Lt /min

Nebulization Flow with 4 ml Solution

0,35ml / min

Mean Aerodynamic Mass Diameter

2,44 (MMAD)

Inhaled Ratio (<5μm)

> 80%


230 V/50 Hz

Power Consumption

170 VA

Operating Conditions

Intermittent (20 min ON – 40 min OFF)

Noise Level

60 dB

Device Weight

1,4 Kg

Device Dimensions

13 x 8,9 x 14,6cm


5 years





Mobiak Care

Pallet(0,8m x 1,2m): 288 pieces

Mobiak Care

Pallet(1m x 1,2m): 336 pieces

Mobiak Care

Box Pieces: 6

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