Minispir New Spirometer with FlowMir*

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Product Code: 0810601

Brand: MIR


Minispir New Spirometer with FlowMir*

Patented Design

All Mir Spirometers Use FlowMIR, a Turbine with a Disposable Paper Nozzle, Low Cost and Factory-Calibrated. FlowMIR is Replaced from Patient to Patient to Avoid Microbe Carryover.

* FlowmirTM Turbine.

* FlowmirTM Turbine. Together with a Package, Code: 0810605


New Spirolab® 2 in1 Spirometer with 7’’ Touchscreen & Oximetry Capability

• Spirometry Test, Before & After, with over 45 Selected Parameters

• 10,000 Spirometry Tests or 500 hours of Oximetry Recording

• Fast and Quiet Build-in Printer with Configurable Printing Format

• Wireless Real Time Testing to PC via Bluetooth

• Long Life Rechargeable Battery

• WinspiroPro PC Software Always Included

• Touch Screen: Enabled Functions can be Activated with a Simple Tap on the Selection Bar that is Always on Screen

• 1-year Warranty

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