Nasal Mask YN-02

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  • Silicone Cushion
    The mask is made of rebound silicone cushion
    which is airtight, light, and soft. It is designed to
    reduce facial pressure, improve fit and comfort
  • Adaptive Silicone Cushion
    The silicone cushion has an adaptive design at
    the nose bridge, which can be automatically
    adjusted according to different face shape, better
    relieve the pressure of the high nose and improve
    user experience.
  • Frame
    Lightweight and Strong, Easily Adjustable & Better Hygiene
  • Swiveling Bracket
    360° Swiveling Bracket. Ensures Greater Comfort of Movement during sleep
  • Quiet Vent-hole
    Honeycomb design, reducing airflow erosion intensity,
    gentle and quiet
  • Soft And Light Headgear
    Selected soft skin-friendly fabrics, light and stable,
    help patients adapt to treatment comfortably

Weight: 64gr
Therapy Pressure Range: 4-30 cmH2Ο
Tube Connection: φ22mm