Smart One Portable Adult Spirometer – Flowmeter

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Smart One Portable Adult Spirometer – Flowmeter

• The user Breathes In the Device and the Results are Displayed on their Mobile in Real Time!

• Based on Exhaled Flow and Volume



• FEV1 Forced Exhaled air Volume 1 second (mL/sec)

• Peak Flow (L/m)



• Operates on Alkaline Batteries

• Operates in Combination with a Mobile Phone or Android Tablet or iOS via the Apps available on AppStoreTM & Google PlayTM

• Specially Configured Environment to Promote Correct Testing

• 1-year Warranty


SMART ONE: Because Measuring our Respiration is as Important as Measuring our Temperature. Applied by: Pulmonologists, Special Therapists, Sports Physicians, Smoking Therapists, Homecare Suppliers & Home Patients with Asthma and COPD.

FEV1 Measurements Ensure Physical Recovery after Lung Therapy.

FEV1 Measurements help Avoid Asthma. Respiration is the Key to Physical and Mental Health!


Product Outstanding Interest Awards European Respiratory Society Award for Outstanding Product Interest European Respiratory Society



Design Award 2016

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