SMARTY SAVER 200J Fully-Automatic, Norm-Conf.


Product Code: 0803230


    The best portable AED (Automated External Defibrillator) conceived for a quick and simple treatment of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and to assist in delivering the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

    The lightweight and portability, thanks to the folding handle, the compactness and its catchy look, are conceived to meet the “gold standard” for early defibrillation in public large areas.

    Package Contents

    • Main Device
    • Carrying Bag
    • UNIVERSAL pads (ref.: 0803232) (Adult & Children)
    • Battery (ref.: 0803231)

    Smarty Saver Key Features

    • Reduced dimensions (smaller than an A4 sheet!)
    • Practical folding handle
    • Audible and visual signals for users
    • Guidance with voice commands and metronome
    • Universal pads for general use
    • BTE waveform defibrillation with <200J shock


    Output WaveformBiphasic Truncated Exponential
    Energy Output Sequence Adults: Gradual, 150,200J

    Pediatric: Fixed 50J

    Range of Resistance 20H – 200H
    Charging Time ≤ 13 sec with shock at 150J

    ≤ 16 s with shock at 200J   (New Battery)

    Analysis Timefrom 4 to 15 seconds
    Audible Hints – Visual HintsDevice status: 2 LEDs red / green

    – Placing pads: 2 red LEDs

    – Do not touch the patient: 2 red LEDs

    – Touch the patient: 1 green LED

    – Adult patients: 1 green LED

    – Pediatric patients: 1 green LED

    – On/off button: 2 green LEDs

    – Electric shock button: 8 red LEDs

    Handling Three buttons – On/Off, Patient Select (adult/pediatric)
    IP Protection ClassIP 56: Protection Against Dust and Water



    Pads Dimension



    Pads Lifetime



    Battery autonomy


    Device Warranty

    Battery Warranty

    200x213x71 mm (with folded handle)

    257x213x71 mm (with handle open)

    1,56 Kg (with battery and pads)

    Total surface 136cm2, active

    surface area 94cm2, cable length

    120cm (outside the package)

    24-30 months, (or as indicated on the package

    Non-rechargeable battery, 8 cells Li-MnO2


    Up to 200 full rescue cycles. (200J shock + CPR). Up to 36 hours of continuous ECG analysis

    5 Years

    3 Years

    Accessories / Options Upon Order:

    • AED Software “SAVER VIEW EXPRES” ref.: 0803233

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