Wall Mounted Shower Seat “Prime”

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Product Code: 0805519


  • Mobiak Care 2 Years warranty
  • Mobiak Care Maximum User Weight 125 kg


The “Prime” series and this shower seats aims to support all those who may need further help while showering or performing personal care routines in the bathroom.

The neat, modern design is aesthetically pleasing for any type of bathroom for either private homes and/or healthcare institutions: the materials used guarantee robustness, hygiene and durability. The shower seat is available with or without backrest.

The wall mount edition with the foldable mechanism, make this product suitable even for small bathrooms and help the user to keep the shower tray tidy and free from any obstacle without effort

ΑΤΤΕΝΤΙΟΝ: For the item 0805519: Screws kit for fixing the product to the wall, is not included, the type of screws to be used changes according to the specific material of the wall of the final user. Providing a generic screws kit might be dangerous if it is not made to be used with the specific wall. Hence, the final user must provide themselves to choose the appropriate screws kit, according to the type of the wall of bathroom.

42m 46cm 42cm




Mobiak Care

Pallet(0,8m x 1,2m): 56 pieces

Mobiak Care

Box dimensions: 51.6cm x 11.6cm x 46cm

Mobiak Care

Box Pieces: 1