Scholarship – Award of Excellence “MOBIAK” of the Technical University of Crete November 2021

MOBIAK supports for the 3nd consecutive year the institution of the Scholarship, rewarding excellence.

The “MOBIAK” award of excellence was won this year by Mrs Niki Glabedakis.

Niki Glabedakis received her degree with 8.51 while graduating from 3rd Niki High School of Chania in 2016.

In the digital reward that took place, the excellent graduate was awarded for her performance while she was also granted a money prize.

It is worth mentioning that the award was received by mother of the girl as she did not succeed attend the ceremony.

The award was made by the Head of Marketing Mrs. Maria I. Klouvidaki representing the Management and the President of MOBIAK Emmanouil Svourakis.