What is Spirometry?

What is spirometry?
Spirometry examines how well you can breathe and helps diagnose various lung diseases. The examination is painless and usually lasts less than 10 minutes, however it requires hard blowing. Blow in a small device, the spirometer, which measures how much air you can blow from your lungs and how fast this can be done.

Is it necessary to take the examination?
Yes, if:
• You are over 40 or you are or have been a smoker
• You cough a lot
• You are breathing hard when you walk quickly
• You are worried about the health of your lungs.
• You are already being treated for some pulmonary disease.

What happens during the examination?
The nurse or doctor will show you how to blow in the spirometer before you start. It is important to blow as hard as you can during the test, otherwise the results will not be accurate. When holding the spirometer you should:
• Breathe as deeply as you can and put your lips tight around the mouthpiece
• Do your best and blow your air as fast as you can
• Continue to blow until your lungs are empty and the doctor or nurse can tell you to stop, usually after at least 6 seconds

How will the results be?
The spirometer is connected to a computer that generates flow-volume curves. If your lungs are healthy, you will blow more air during the first second of the test.

What do the results mean?
Your doctor will use these measurements to decide how well your lungs work. If the amount of air you can blow in the first second is low, you may have a narrowing in your airways, possibly due to asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. If you are already receiving some treatment for asthma or COPD (i.e. inhaled medicines), spirometry testing can be used to check if treatment helps your lungs function to the best of their abilities.
The test can still be used to rule out certain other lung diseases.

Will I need another exam?
Spirometry testing is a significant measure of lung function. If your symptoms fluctuate (such as asthma), you may be asked to repeat the test at different times to know what is normal for you. If you suffer from a respiratory problem (for example, COPD), regular spirometry can help monitor your condition.

You may also be asked to do some additional tests if the doctor needs to proceed with his or her investigation to determine the appropriate treatment. In summary, spirometry is an easy, safe and inexpensive test that gives valuable information about your lung function and effectively contributes to the diagnosis and monitoring of lung diseases.

Exclusive representation and repair of spirometers of the Italian company MIR
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