Battery maintenance guide

Wheelchair or scooter battery maintenance Instructions

Lead batteries in their entirety (liquid electrolyte, AGM, GEL,VRLA), either closed type (closed type batteries are called fully sealed batteries, which do not allow full access to the inside) , or are of the open type, must remain charged throughout their lives. If you leave the wheelchair (or any other application) where the battery is located, idle for long periods, your battery will discharge. This is achieved by charging the batteries with the included charger.
Every 7 to 10 days the wheelchair is simply plugged in for 8 to 10 hours. This maintenance is essential because it ensures the longevity of the wheelchair batteries.
Failure following the above instructions may result in wheelchair malfunction & battery failure which is NOT covered by the warranty.
May remain permanently applied to your battery for extended periods of time, keeping your battery charged and always charged. when your vehicle (or any other application) is not in use.

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