Bilevel Series 25ST

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Product Code: 0803497


  • Mobiak Care 2 Years warranty


Technical Specifications

Modes Of Operation

CPAP ,S / Auto S / CPAP ,S ,T, S/T /

CPAP ,S , Auto S,T, S/T, Auto S/T

Therapy Pressure

4-25cm H2O

Ramp- Time

0-60min, 5min increment
HumidifierAuto or 0-8 levels of adjustment

Sound pressure level



5”, Touch

Dimensions (LxWxH)

238 x 178 x 128 mm

Weight (kg)

1,65 Kg

Device Warranty

2 Years


Package Contents:

• Main Device

• Power Adapter and Cables

• Flexible Air Tube

• User Manual

• Travel Bag

• Integrated Humidifier


All iBreeze Series devices offer comprehensive and adaptive connectivity options for reviewing the therapy data. Patients and Doctors can easily be connected to Resvent’s Cloud, Data Server using both Wi-Fi and/or GMS Module. There is also a traditional SD card available for storage of the therapy data.